Closed Transactions

Recently Closed Transactions:

Large New York Upstate Campground, Sold January 2020
Maine Riverfront Campground, Sold December 2019
Vermont Lakefront Campground, Sold August 2019
New Hampshire Seasonal Campground, Sold May 2019
Northeast Large Campground, Sold May 2019
Southern New Hampshire Campground, Sold April 2019
White Mountains New Hampshire Campground, Sold April 2019
New York Lake George area Campground, Sold January 2019
Mid Atlantic Campground, Sold January 2019
Maine Lakefront Campground, Sold December 2018
Maine Midcoast Campground, Sold December 2018
Rhode Island Large RV Resort, Sold November 2018
New Hampshire Riverfront Campground, Sold July 2018
Northeast RV Park & Marina, Sold May 2018
Maine Lakefront Campground with Mountain Views, Sold April 2018
Maine Wooded Campground, Sold April 2018
New York Upstate Campground, Sold April 2018
Maine Lakefront Campground, Sold March 2018
Large Northeast RV Park, Sold March 2018
Vermont Riverfront Campground, Sold August 2017
Connecticut 200+ Sites Campground & RV Park, Sold July 2017
New Hampshire Riverfront Campground, Sold June 2017
Massachusetts 100+ Sites Campground, Sold May 2017
New Hampshire Large Lakefront Campground & RV Park, Sold March 2017
New York Lakefront Campground with Marina, Sold December 2016
Northeast Campground, Sold December 2016
New Hampshire Lakefront Campground, Sold December 2016
Central New Hampshire Campground, Sold November 2016
100+ Acre Campground, Vermont, Sold November 2016
Updated Riverfront Campground, Maine, Sold August 2016
150 site Campground near Tourist Area, New Hampshire, Sold June 2016
130+ site Riverfront Campground, Vermont, Sold April 2016
Large Lakefront RV Park and Marina, New Hampshire, Sold December 2015
70+ site Campground, Southern Maine, Sold December 2015
110+ site KOA, Maine, Sold September 2014
130 site Campground on Lake, Western CT, Sold June 2014
75+ site Lakefront Campground and Inn, New Hampshire, Sold April 2014
135 site Campground on Lake, Maine, Sold April 2014
100+ Site Campground, Eastern Connecticut, Sold February 2014
Riverfront Campground, Southwestern New Hampshire, Sold December 2013
265 Site Campground on Lake, Massachusetts, Sold September 2013
295 Site RV Park, New York, Sold March 2013
Large Lakefront RV Park and Marina, New Hampshire, Sold October 2012
Cape Cod Area Campground & RV Park, Massachusetts, Sold February 2012